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About Us


Founded in 1997 in Cario city, Egypt, Green Electronics set its foot as an electrical supply and equipment trading and services company. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for excellence and professionalism for continuously striving to meet - and even exceed - standard which set the climate for a sustainable business relationship with its clients.

As an electrical solution specialist, we offer electrical products ranging from Battery charger, Power supply, Dimmer, Dummy load, CTU, Training Units, Testing Units, Control panels. The company also offers products such as variable frequency drive, soft starters, UPS, AVR, batteries.

Our team is composed of technically skilled and highly dedicated personnel working cohesively to promote value-added solutions with a competitive pricing structure to suit your needs.

We also engage in electrical product installations, testing and commissioning, preventive maintenance, automation, and energy saving solutions.

Our commitment is to deliver outstanding results that will exceed your expectations.

The company partners with some of the biggest manufacturers in the electrical industry to ensure high quality products. Schneider Electric, Siemens are the trusted brands that we carry. Moreover, we continuously look for new products and enhance our services to serve our customers better.

We look forward to providing our services and products to your company.

Rest assured that we live by our service commitment: Delivering Results, Exceeding Expectations. 



Green Electronics firmly believes that electricity is the cornerstone of a high-quality life. There will be a never-ending need for products and services to harness and maximize its full potential and use. In doing so, we will be the best-in-class provider of topnotch electrical products and services.



Green Electronics is committed to providing the highest quality products and services exceeding our client’s expectations. We shall continue to expand in equipment and facilities, and engage in training and certification programs to further serve customers with utmost excellence and professionalis 


• Electrical Installation

• Testing

• Commissioning

• Maintenance

• Preventive Maintenance

• Power System Analysis

• Automation General Electrical Supplies


Our Customers

• As a dependable and reliable distributor and seller of electrical power and control products and services

• As a proactive company capable of competing in all facets of the marketplace through constant improvement and innovation

• As a family-owned business that satisfies customers with easyand hassle-free transactions


Our Employees

• As an employer who values the dedication and commitment of its employees

• As an innovative and technologically upfront company that ensures employee competence and advancement

• As an employer who guarantees a safe working environment

• As an employer who engages in training and certification programs to help employees progress in their personal and professional growth


Our Suppliers

• As a creative, experienced and top seller of electrical products in the industry

• As a company who appreciates and recognizes that sustainable partnerships are essential to the company’s success


Our Industry

• As a partner that promotes collaboration by engaging in trade associations

• As a business that makes a difference to the quality of life through the impact of excellent products, services, and solutions


Our Products

• Industrial Battery Charger

• Industrial Power Supply

• Dummy loads

• Dimmers panels

• Control panels

• Main Distribution boards

• Testing bench units

• Training units


Our Services

• Installing, Startup, Commissioning, Testing, Maintenance and

Preventive Maintenance for:

• Speed Drives

• Soft starter


• Industrial Battery charger